The Broadway Malls

Upper West Side

70th to 110th Streets

One of New York City’s largest historic districts, the Upper West Side includes some of the city’s most magnificent buildings—The Dakota, the Apthorp, San Remo, the Ansonia, the Beresford and the El Dorado, among many others.

Originally the location of the villages of Harsenville and Bloomingdale, the area was essentially open country in the 18th century, dotted with farms and country estates. By the early 20th century, the area was framed by Riverside Park and Central Park. Brownstones were constructed on many of the numbered streets, and along the avenues, Manhattan’s characteristic high rise luxury buildings made their first appearance.

What’s in bloom?
Gorgeous Tulips
Each year, nearly 40,000 tulips planted in the malls herald the warmer days of Spring. Luscious displays such as this meandering ribbon of tulips punctuated by bright yellow daffodils give pause to every passerby in April.

‘Heaven Scent’ Gardenias
‘Heaven Scent’ gardenia test plants were sent to BMA by McCorkle Nurseries in Marietta, Georgia and planted in selected sites in the malls in October 2009.

Intensely fragrant, ‘Heaven Scent” gardenias have abundant white blossoms in the late Spring and repeatedly bloom during the season. In the fall and winter, seed pods emerge and mature from green to yellow, orange then red, creating seasonal interest. The gardenias are being evaluated for reliability and low maintenance as well as their ornamental characteristics and public appeal.

‘Crimson’ Azaleas
A bodacious swath of Girard ‘Crimson’ Azaleas blooms in late April to early May accentuating the wide curve that Broadway takes at 107th–108th streets.