Our Partnerships

Goddard Riverside

The Broadway Mall Association proudly begins its 18th year of partnership with Green Keepers and TOP Opportunities, having provided more than 100 crew members with training and employment on the Broadway malls. Green Keepers, part of the Goddard Riverside supported employment program, is a social enterprise business providing general horticultural maintenance, sanitation service and watering to the malls. Crew members of the Green Keepers are adults living with mental illness. They work closely with the Broadway Mall Association and the NYC Parks and Recreation Department staff to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the malls while learning to interface daily with the general public and local businesses. Such on the job training with Green Keepers provides eligible crew members, job placement opportunities on landscape and sanitation crews of community green spaces and public areas. Goddard Riverside’s Green Keepers were honored at the Broadway Mall Association Spring Gala on May 20, 2014.

Chair of the Broadway Mall Association, Robert F. Herrmann, was recognized in October 2009 as Employer of the Year by the State Education Department Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) as part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month for providing employment opportunities and helping them to regain their independence. For many this is an opportunity to reenter the world of work after years of homelessness, poverty and debilitating symptoms of mental illness.

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