Broadway in Bloom

As the seasons change, so do our featured plantings. Look for:

April ushers in a riot of color as nearly 37,000 fall-planted tulips debut on Broadway, with narcissus in a strong supporting role. The magnolia trees behind many of  the end beds are also in full bloom, opening in magenta and fading to pale pink. Flowering crabapples and cherry trees blossom in May. Crimson azaleas at 107th Street take center stage; white double file viburnums are in array at 90th, 106th, and 153-155th Streets.

Roses set the summer stage in June, with many varieties in colorful display in the 130s and 140s and among the Heritage Rose Foundation plantings at 152nd and 153rd Streets. White Floribunda Rosa ‘Iceberg’ gives a solo performance in the mall at The Trinity Church Cemetery 153rd to 155th Streets. Pink rosa rugosa is in bloom from 94th to 95th Street.

The hot late summer days strike the high notes of color with blossoms of orange daylilies, Asiatic lilies, Rose of Sharon, yellow yarrow and pink and white hydrangeas, complemented by coleus, trailing sweet potato vines, Russian sage and catmint.

Visitors can enjoy the curtain call of the season with ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum, asters and Rudbeckia, against a backdrop of the yellow and orange foliage of hawthorne, honey locust and ginko trees.

Against a green curtain of hollies, euonymus and yews, the illuminated malls sparkle like diamonds on a necklace.

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