Beautify, Maintain & Appreciate

The mission of the Horticulture Program of the Broadway Mall Association is “…to beautify and maintain the malls of Broadway…”

An effective landscape design is like collage art in three dimension. It should have form, visual balance and scale. In the landscape, the “paint” and materials are applied to create layers, from the canopy of shade trees to the shrubs, the perennials and annuals and finally the ground cover. Varying height, mixing textures and planning seasonal succession contributes interest to the composition. Color is used to provide harmony or contrast, creating a soothing mood or an atmosphere of excitement. All these principles of art need to be accomplished within the context of a sophisticated understanding of the unique requirements of each plant species and the conditions that are needed to support their growth.

A successful planting design will inspire, bring pleasure to the viewer, sometimes even delightful whimsy and surprise. Be seated at one of our benches and enjoy the show.

The plants selected for the malls need to be low maintenance and drought tolerant due to budget constraints and the practical challenge of getting water to the gardens. To maintain our 10.6 acre parkland, we contract with landscape professionals and community partners to plant annuals in the spring and bulbs in the fall as well as to provide bimonthly maintenance services. We also contract with several service providers to water the end beds three times weekly and remove trash daily, supplementing the services provided by the Department of Parks.

Replacement planting reflects the dynamic character of our landscape, not to mention the demanding conditions in a 20 foot wide median bordered by six lanes of traffic! A certain portion of our annual budget must be applied to ongoing replacement of trees and shrubs that have aged off or failed.